My research on social media, news, and politics informs my teaching. I am currently an assistant professor at The University of Utah, where I seek to combine my research and professional experience to benefit our students. To prepare students for careers in digital communication, I incorporate lessons on data visualization, design, personal branding, interactive media, multimedia storytelling, and social media (and data) ethics into all my classes. I’ve also given guest lectures on computational analysis, gender in politics, and social media in politics in several graduate courses. 

Courses taught

Assistant Professor

  • Political Communication

  • Social Media & Society (graduate seminar)

  • Digital Journalism

  • Data Journalism

  • Introduction to News Writing

Adjunct Instructor

  • Science & Technical Communication

  • Speech Communication

  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Instructor of record

  • Reporting: Words

Teaching Assistant

  • Graphic Design for Online & Print

  • Editing for Print & Online

  • Journalism Portfolio (multimedia capstone course)

  • Writing for Mass Communication